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The Art of Healthy Eating 30-Day Challenge


The Art of Healthy Eating 30-Day Challenge

Learn the art of healthy eating in this 30-Day Challenge. This class was designed to satisfy the increasing demand to create healthy meals that are simple to make, taste delicious and won’t break your pocketbook.

At least 3 times a day you make life changing decisions – it starts right on your plate-let’s call it a fork in the road per se.

This challenge is designed for all levels from health-food gurus to health-food newbies and includes modifications.

Our bodies have a natural ability for healing. We can activate and reactivate the body’s own healing mechanism. There is no magic bullet that cures disease. But there is a lifestyle change that prevents disease.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are HUGE. They can help you:

  • live longer
  • look and feel younger
  • have more energy
  • lose weight
  • lower your cholesterol
  • prevent and even reverse heart disease
  • lower your risk of prostate, breast and other cancers
  • prevent and treat diabetes
  • decrease the need for medication
  • lower your blood pressure
  • avoid Alzheimer’s

All of this just by eating the way nature intended us to.

Changing eating habits requires obtaining food knowledge and developing practical skills such as food shopping, meal preparation and eating healthy on the go.

This class includes:

  • weekly menu
  • recipes
  • tips for dining out
  • time-saving tips on food prep

Investment in Health & Well-being $150.00


Take Action Today – You Deserve it!








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