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Journey To Wellness – A Retreat at Sea


journey to wellness

This extraordinary cruise is dedicated to enriching your life through health and wellness activities all while enjoying a fun-filled escape.

Experience the wonderful amenities aboard this ship including a Canyon Ranch Spa.
Hear from experienced professionals about the hottest topics relating to well-being
Cooking Demonstrations * Ÿ Yoga Ÿ Exercise * Ÿ Guided Meditation * Ÿ Keynote Speakers

As well as optional Journey to Wellness themed excursions in each port!

Journey To Wellness is sponsored by:
TravelGroup International & Way2Wellness

Celebrity Cruise Line’s
Solstice Class Ship – the Reflection
February 25 – March 4, 2017

Departing from Miami with stops at

Labadee Beach * Ocho Rios, Jamaica * Grand Cayman * Cozumel, Mexico

You must book with TravelGroup International to
be part of the Journey to Wellness Cruise and have
access to private functions. For more information and rates call TravelGroup International Toll Free 1-866-447-0750
Ext 108 or 102

 Founders of Journey To Wellness – A Retreat at Sea


Faye Weissblum

President of TravelGroup International, Inc. TravelGroup Int. is a very prestigious and respected travel agency. Travelgroup’s focus for the past 20 years has been in booking and producing large group theme cruises. This focus has allowed Faye and her staff to develop very strong bonds within the cruise industry. These relationships and reputation have resulted in extra care and attention for all her groups.

Having personally escorted many of these groups and cruising for weeks at a time, Faye thought that there was a void in the Cruise experience. The days at sea just seemed to lose their appeal for herself and for many of her clients. Too much overload on food, too many mundane activities that lacked interest, exercise classes that were “very basic” and “primitive”.

Faye wanted something more exciting and meaningful for her guests. “What if we could develop a program that would be educational, healthy, fun and help you come back from a cruise vacation invigorated and in better shape than when you left?”

Through divine intervention, Faye met Donna Haybarger.


Donna Haybarger

Donna is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Holistic and Raw Food Chef and Author of “Eating for Energy and Longevity”.

Donna knows how to live a healthy lifestyle and she’s turned that knowledge into Way2Wellness, a health coaching company that focuses on teaching people how to make meaningful and healthy lifestyle changes.

Donna has designed proven methods to help her clients make important changes. Her programs encourage both healthy eating and adopting a lifestyle that discourage the development of disease. She shows her clients how easy it is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Donna uses “Replacement Therapy” to teach others how to replace foods and lifestyle choices with healthier, more beneficial options that they will enjoy.

When Donna’s friends, family and clients spend time with her they often comment on how easy it is to eat healthy, exercise and feed the mind, body and soul. This got Donna thinking – “what if I could have them with me for a week…..what kind of an impact could I make…. what if I could have dozens of them with me for a week…. on a retreat?”

Voi-la a magical team was formed with Faye and Donna creating The Journey To Wellness – A Retreat at Sea.
This extraordinary cruise is dedicated to enriching your life through health and wellness activities all while enjoying a fun-filled escape with like-minded people.

Cooking Demonstrations Ÿ Yoga Ÿ Exercise Reiki Ÿ Guided Meditation Ÿ Keynote Speakers

Faye and Donna carefully selected this amazing team of wellness experts to create a week of relaxation and renewal as we connect mind, body and soul to help you develop the life you’ve always wanted.

Our Talented Team of Wellness Experts


Pam Leal

Pam is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for 15 years. Already from a family of fitness minded people, Pam knew how to “work out”, yoga brought a grounding stillness into her world.

Pam is the founder of Yoga in The Park located in Parkland, Florida. The depth of learning yoga and teaching what she has learned, has given Pam and her students great satisfaction. Many years of teaching all different levels enables her to see how to motivate a student to the mat. The healing power of Yoga has touched Pam’s life from every angle, now, that purpose and passion can be received by students in Pam’s classes.


Ximena Bernales White

Ximena is a Health and Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer and Water Aerobics Instructor.

She has a passion for health and fitness and believes that everything starts with changing your way of thinking and implementing the new knowledge of personal fitness. Ximena believes that by building confidence in her students and giving them the knowledge to become empowered, anyone can change their life. Her beautiful energy and spirit leave you feeling truly amazing.


Paul Lipton

Paul Lipton story-teller wisdom teacher extraordinaire, Professional Speaker, Author, Consultant and the Founder
of The Ageless Experiment.

Paul lectures on how to achieve the Work-life balance. Although his speaking topics and consulting emphasize business ethics and stress reduction, his message goes deeper reaching into the very heart of every person’s desire to have a meaningful and purpose oriented life. In his book Hour of The Wolf Paul teaches how no day is ever wasted that can be lived consciously and to the fullest.

“My goal is to live life without boundaries and inspire others to do the same. Let’s take age off the table. What if we were to take limits and expectations and turn them on their head and live as though every day stands on its own so that possibilities replace regrets?”…..Paul Lipton


Donna Haybarger

Donna is a Holistic and Raw Food Chef. Learn how to prepare Healthy Gourmet Dishes. Donna will help you become extremely knowledgeable on what foods nourish and heal the body. She uses these foods and her creativity to make highly flavorful dishes bringing healthy food to a new dimension. She will teach you how to prepare delicious gourmet foods with unique ingredients that will allow you an amazing guilt-free indulgence.


Abby Friedman

Abby is a Licensed Massage Therapist. In addition to her amazing massage techniques she is also trained in Touch for Health, Hot Stone, Muscle Release Technique, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. Abby offers more than a massage as she integrates meditation and Reiki into her practice giving you multi-dimensional experience.

Abby believes the quality that makes a massage therapist stand out from the rest is a gift that comes from within she truly is in this career to help make a difference in people’s lives. She will address any muscle issue while still bringing you to a state of total relaxation in a calming, stress-free environment that will put you at ease.


Clare Tobin Westwood

Clare is a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Instructor and Mad Dogg Spinning® instructor. Peak Pilates® is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program. This includes: Peak Pilates® Mat Levels I, II and III, Peak Pilates® Reformer and Cadillac Levels I, II and III, Peak Pilates® Chair and Barrel I and II, Pilates Gym Stick and Peak Pilates® MvE Chair Certifications. Clare has successfully competed the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Exam which is a nationally recognized certification test given by Peak. Clare has been taking Pilates classes for over 14 years and has been training clients for over eight years. Her client base ranges from beginners to professional athletes, stunt men and women and professional dancers.


Sunny Arfa

Sunny is an Educator, Speaker, Spiritual Advisor and Life Transformational Coach. She provides many tools for Activation of Chakras and spirit.  She teaches Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kundalini technology, Sound Vibrational Meditations as well as many other different styles of meditations to help you live a more harmonious life.


Darby Mackenzie Line

Darby has been in the holistic wellness field for 23 years. A Massage Therapist since 1993 and a Reiki Master since 1998. She in certified in clinical aromatherapy and educates individuals and groups on the safe and effective uses of essential oils. Darby brings to her teaching and her hands-on work a grounded, heart-centered approach that engages, informs, and delights her audiences.


Sheila Bernardini

Sheila’s passion is to inspire others to live their life with more balance, creativity and clarity, finding deeper purpose and inner peace. She has 37 years of clinical experience in the Healthcare Industry. She currently works full-time as a Cardiovascular Research Nurse; she is a devoted member of her hospital’s Integrative Medicine Team. She serves as a Wellness Ambassador for staff promoting work-life balance. By utilizing her 30-year background as a martial arts instructor and Reiki Master she leads guided meditation, breath work, and autogenic training at Mind-Body workshops. We are so excited for Sheila to share her years of experience in holistic healing with us.

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