New Year New You


New Year New Improved You

6 Week Challenge

This Way2Wellness program will truly put you on your Way2Wellness

  • This program can bring exceptional transformation to you– worth every single penny.
  • This online program allows you to experience awesome results at a much lower price than a one on one program.
  • Feeling discouraged with the extra pounds that you gained
  • Dealing with new aches and pains
  • Experiencing lower energy levels
  • Wanting to eat healthier but don’t know what foods you should eat
  • Trying to cook healthier but don’t have good healthy recipes
  • You want to exercise more but can’t find the time


This program solves it all!


This six step program will help you:

  • Slow down the aging process
  • Improve your energy level
  • Reduce and maintain a healthy weight
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Avoid the need for medication

It starts by debunking these health myths of 2013

  • A Gluten Free Diet is healthy and reduces weight
  • Multigrain breads, crackers and cereals are healthy and help with weight loss
  • Smoothies are healthy and help with weight loss
  • Juicing is the new health craze to aid with weight loss
  • Eating fat makes you gain weight
  • Artificial sweeteners are safe sugar replacements for diabetics and help promote weight loss


In this six week program you will receive weekly emails that include:

  • Debunking the myths
  • A new healthy habit challenge
  • Lists of healthy foods to: strengthen your immune system, aid in weight loss and maintain a healthy weight and increase energy
  • Tips on how to read food labels
  • Healthy sweeteners
  • Healthy fats
  • Electronic food journal
  • Recipes
  • Tips on how to stick to an effective workout plan
  • An opportunity to email me privately with a question you may have
  • A trial membership to my “Healthy Food Club”


Program cost $150.00 ON SALE until January 6, 2018




This program is flexible, fun and rewarding!







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