World’s Healthiest Foods Club

World’s Healthiest Foods Club


World’s Healthiest Foods Club

Have information on the world’s healthiest foods emailed to you bi-monthly! Each week in this program I will email you information on some of the world’s healthiest and best tasting foods. There are many foods that fit into this category. My selection process is based on foods that are both available and affordable. Some of these foods you may not be familiar with so be adventurous. Trying new foods can be fun.

I explain what makes these foods nutritional powerhouses and how and where to buy them. I also include special recipes that I created to add variety to your meals. My recipes enhance the unique flavor of these foods without overpowering them.  Please adjust them as you wish. These foods can satisfy your taste without sacrificing your health.

This awesome online “World’s Healthiest Foods Club” program is designed to help you navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice.

Did you know that most of the conventional foods and fast foods today are nothing but empty calories?

Most people want to be healthy and they want to eat healthy. The problem is they focus on the negatives, potential barriers and roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding. They think of reasons why it won’t work such as, healthy food doesn’t taste good, it takes too long to prepare or it’s too expensive.

You will soon realize…..this is simply not true!

In this program …I will show you the way to eat healthy and love what you eat!

I will focus on the positives. I am going to eliminate your excuses.  I will teach you how to eat healthy foods that satisfy your palate, won’t take a lot of time to prepare, and won’t break your pocketbook.

Since no two people are alike I don’t use a cookie cutter approach. You are unique and your diet should be too. Your role is to experiment with different foods, seasoning and herbs and to discover which ones you enjoy.

No matter where you are in your health journey whether you are at the beginning or advanced. I am confident this program will provide you with some great new choices. It is extremely important you understand that eating healthy nutrient rich foods can be fun, delicious and very fulfilling. You can have it all!

Price: $4.99

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