"Donna has a passion to seek out all types of healthy living information. She has the ability to absorb the information that is overwhelming to most of us. In recent months, she has inspired me to become enthusiastic about making changes in my life and that of my family. This was a real achievement since I have been living outside of the U.S (Eastern Europe) for the last several years, during which time food shopping and cooking became my least favorite things to do. Having online access to someone who's judgment and guidance I trust has made me willing and eager to make those changes."Ree
“I tried so many different ways to eat and exercise, and it was always so confusing to me; calories, sugars, carbs, etc. I gave up until I started listening to the Way2Wellness classes. After many years of trying to stick to an exercise program and healthy diet, I finally got the right information and motivation from the Way2Wellness CDs!"Rochelle
My health problems included intermittent chronic depression, headaches, insomnia, and chronic bladder inflammation which led to frequent infections. Obesity hit me in my forty’s and “terminal” lung cancer in my late fifty’s.  I told Donna that I had put my finances in order, said my goodbye’s, and was ready to meet my Maker.  “No, we won’t let that happen”, she said, “I will teach you how to get your health back.” And she did. The lifestyle changes she helped me implement required not just her knowledge but also constant vigilance and compassion. Reinforcement through her audio reminders created an environment of hope and success. Her passion for holistic science and her obvious concern for my well-being made me feel secure and gave me a determination nearly equal to her own. Lifestyle change became an adventure with tasty new recipes, gratifying social activities, and spiritual growth. People say I have a youthful appearance, beautiful skin, abundant energy, and eternal optimism. My cancer is in remission, and I haven’t taken an over-the-counter or prescription medicine in nearly five years. Thank you, Donna; I couldn’t have done it without you.Sherina
My doctor told me I needed to take cholesterol medication. I told my doctor that I was going to follow the advice Donna gave in her classes before starting any medication. Consequently I lowered my cholesterol over 60 points and I avoided being put on cholesterol medication. Her coaching has definitely changed the way I think about food. I always knew that I didn’t eat as healthy as I could but I now realize how unhealthy my diet was. With her guidance, I have been able to substitute healthy foods for many of the unhealthy ones. I have done this without missing what I used to eat. I am losing weight slowly without feeling like I’m on a diet.  Her influence has also extended to my sister and my children. They have adjusted their diets and are happy they did so. My 2 year old grandson is also a beneficiary of the knowledge my daughter has now. In the weeks and months to come, I’m sure that the tentacles of Donna’s influence will extend to many hundreds of people who don’t even know her. Thanks so much for helping me. Frank
To Whom It May Concern: It is extremely difficult to articulate and quantify the impact that my mother, Donna Haybarger, has had on me. We have always maintained a very close mother to son relationship with a bond so tight not even the awkward and rebellious teenage years could shake. I am a 25-year-old pre-doctoral student of dentistry and she is still the first person I consult for advice in any situation. My life throughout college and now dental school has required very long hours to be successful. She has always helped me to balance my academic load while maintaining a healthy social and personal life. Her influence on my diet has had a tremendous impact on my ability to withstand the many stresses that my academic curriculum has dealt me over the years. I can honestly say I haven’t had to miss a single day of school or work since I was a freshman in college. I attribute that successful track record to an immune system powered by the nourishment my diet provides. My schedule often requires late nights and early mornings, a routine that would be very detrimental to the immune system of a person without a disciplined diet. Consistently, throughout my years in school I have watched my colleagues whose bodies were unable to endure the stresses of our academic curriculum suffer through midterms and finals with diverse illnesses. I attribute my ability to fight off illness during these vulnerable times to the antioxidant rich diet recommended by my mother. I must also mention that my diet is by no means bland or tasteless. With the help of someone with such a wide array of knowledge in healthy foods and superfoods, coupled with gourmet food preparation techniques, it is actually quite easy to prepare meals that are both healthy and tasteful. It is with no reservation that I highly recommend Donna Haybarger as a health coach for anyone interested in enriching their lives or healing their body naturally.Elliot Haybarger, D.M.D.

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